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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Put your child on the cover

Of parent magazine that is! Parent is the one child rearing magazine I read and just love. Especially the baby bloopers at the end. And right now they are searching for a cover model. All children between 6 month hand 6 years can enter. I so want to enter Lilly just for kicks. But so far I wasn't able to pick a photo. There are so many cute ones. I actually submit several, so that's what I probably end up doing.
And if you don't want to enter your child, just go and look through the pictures that are already entered. There are soooo many cute babies. My favorite so far is this one here ...

Friday, April 25, 2008

I LOVE packages!

I finally got a new package from my sister from Germany with all these great new felt building blocks! I'm soooo excited. She really outdid herself this time. There are over 40 swatches with some really cool new designs. I can't wait to make them into fun jewelry. My mind already started racing and I made a few sketches. And since I'm having so much fun with them. I will also list a few just the way they are - as swatches - so someone else can have fun creating with them too!

Meanwhile, I have been working on a little pattern booklet of all the different embroidery designs we have. I thought it would be great to offer a how to on our designs for all of you who like to do it yourself! It will be accompanied by a quick reference on the stitches used and available as PDF. Would anyone be interested in that?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rainbow, rainbow everywhere

Can you guess what this is.. Candy, drops, colorful soap?! At least those where the things going through my head when I first saw this picture. But those are actually Rainbow Crayons ! Isn't that the neatest idea to just put all the colors together and make some nice rainbow crayons out of them. These look like they would be so much fun, even I want to take one in my hand right now and let the creative juices flow. Just imaging what your children would say. And I love the idea of using them as party favors. What better thing to give and get! I just had to share these :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lilly Updates...about 2 weeks late

Work is getting the best of me! I'm still trying to get in the groove of things and get back to posting, creating and just having mroe of a routine. But hey, this one is about Lilly. And she is just growing and growing. So cute! About 2 weeks ago she started claping her hands. And it really is just the cutest thing since her arms are so short and so she has to clap right over her chest. Everytime someone sings: "clap, clap, clap you hands" she starts doing it. LOVE her. She also is so stable now pulling herself up on all our furniture and cruising the sofa. She just loves to stand at our coffee table and 'read' through her books. She is so good turning the pages with her tiny fingers. I really can't wait to see her walk. Now that the weather is getting nice, she has to be able to run around in the yard. But for now we just sit on a blanket and she just loves it. Like os many things :)
The best of all things though, is that she is finally back in her crib for a week now. She still wakes up about 4 times during the night to feed, but at least we finally have space again in the bed. I really needed that now that I'm back at work.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Power Ranking

It is getting down to the Nitty Gritty. Really all depends now on the songs they choose.

1. Jason Castro: I loved it, loved it, loved it! He is just so different from the other contestant that you can’t really rank him. But he sounds so cool with the songs he picks and you just feel great listening to him.
2. David Archuleta: Surprisingly, this was his best performance in my eyes. I thought that with this theme, he would find a really cheesy song, but it was not. Just nice, great voice, and I liked him at the piano.
3. Michael Johns: This was good. I liked the range he showed in his voice. I’m not sure though about his performance and really, what is up with the scarf.
4. Kristy Lee Cook: I actually really liked it. Nice tone to her voice. She is definitely the one who improved the most on this show. But someone has to go tonight. So it might be her.
5. Brooke White: This was probably my least favorite performance from her. I didn’t think that this was a feel good song at all and she just didn’t catch me with it. It is going to get tough!
6. David Cook: I did not like the way he was singing this song at all!!! And you all know how much I like him otherwise. Really was too dark for me. I hope this won’t put him into jeopardy.
7. Syesha Mercado: I don’t like her style, but of course I can’t say that she was bad. So no comment from me ; )
8. Carly Smithson: I also thought that this was the wrong song to sing for this night. And she really acted like she was mad and didn’t even sing it well. She still doesn’t deserve to go though.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My e-mail got hacked!

Doesn't that just sound unbelievable! I mean we all know that accounts get hacked into all the time, but actually happen to yourself - I think not.
So what did happened to me was that Friday morning I try to log into my hotmail account and it tells me that I have the wrong password. I try it again and again until I realize that something is wrong. This really is my password and if I didn't change it, who did. Then I try to retrieve it with my secret question. And after 9 years, who knows what that is again. But the questions shows up in Chinese letters and I know there is most definitely something wrong, because even though I have no idea what the questions is that I selected back then, I’m pretty sure it was not in Chinese! So all day my husband tried to contact msn, writing to the support and changing passwords on all the accounts we could think of. Then I had to answer all kinds of questions to the support to verify that I was the rightful owner of my email address. Finally, after 2 long and lonely days, I was able to get in my email. Then came the shock... everything that I had in there - 9 years worth - was totally wiped. All of it gone. snif. All of my contacts, and folders, and other email addresses, too. If I can't get this back, I will have to wait for someone else to write me before I can contact them again. Just unbelievable. One would think that it's just email, so who cares, but that actually has all my passwords and things in it. More importantly, it contains some of my most precious "letters". Or shall I say it did. I still can't believe it. Now I'm looking at my email and it's all empty and in Chinese. Just great!
And you know why they hacked into it? They were trying to list some computers on my eBay account so they could get the money and I the hassle. Luckily eBay somehow realized that it was a third party trying to list these items and stopped them. So at least I don't have to deal with that. I just really hope I can get my information back!
But since that could take some time, could please all of you who wrote me with these cute pictures of your darlings send them to me again?! I really wanted to show one off today but those emails are no more. I really would appreciate some mail. My inbox is so lonely now!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Visit from the other land

So I wanted to talk some more about my cousins visit from Germany...well that was a week ago. That tells you how much time is left for other things when you start going back to work. Even if it is only 3 days a week. So I hope all you Moms out there being able to stay home know how lucky you are. I'm starting to get a bid jealous and I actually *love* my job. It is fun being back designing houses for other people and looking at all the great things out there. But I love my little family even more so and so it is hard. No being at work, but having to do all the cleaning and paperwork and, and, and when I'm home instead of just being able to spend all quality time with my little Lilly. At least she is home with my husband and they are really bonding now. So I'm happy for him.

What did I want to talk about again...right, my cousins visit. Well, it's all a blur now anyway, so here just my favorite picture of that week. Lilly is totally out in her stroller. That never happened before!!! Can imagine how hard she was playing all week with my cousin’s baby. She, on the other hand, was finally up after sleeping in her stroller all the time. Why couldn't they be on the same sleep schedule ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol Power Rankings

Down to 9 for season 7! Sorry I missed last week, but getting back to work is harder than I hoped for. And honestly, I should be sleeping now instead of doing this - but here it comes anyway!

1. David Cook: He is still going strong. I’m starting to think he might be able to win it all. I loved the song, his voice and his performance. I honestly can’t wait for next week and see what he will do then.
2. Brooke White: For me, this was the best song of the night. I do agree with Simon that Brooke did not really connect with it or the audience this time and it seemed like she was rushing through it. Too bad, because otherwise this would a been a fantastic performance.
3. Carly Smithson: I really liked her this time. All in all, she is becoming a better performer for me. And you know, for some reason, she is not my first choice by a long shot. But she is growing on me and so I think she might on others as well.
4. Syesha Mercado: This was probably her best performance in my eyes. Love the song and she is definitely connecting a lot more with the audience. I do, however, see her doing the baby sound now every time I look at her. And that was creepy!
5. Kristy Lee Cook: She really has improved so much in this show. Her voice is sounding better and better and so are her performances. The one thing that is odd though is that she seems to change her looks every time and so it is hard to stay focused on her as a person. And I think that will eventually hurt her.
6. Jason Castro: What can I say – just like his other performances, which I do like. I’m still getting worried though that this will not carry him through much longer. He is very cute and so different to any other past or present contestant, but that won’t help him forever.
7. Michael Johns: I don’t know. I hated the look on his face during his performance and could not believe that he was wearing that type of scarf thing a round his neck. What is he…a playboy! But my Mom actually really liked him this time and she never did before. So you figure out what that could mean.
8. David Archuleta: I guess I’m the only one, but I can hardly see another performance of his. Those foggy eyes – I can not look at it one more time! I do understand that his voice is great, but he is singing the same song over and over again. Honestly, I wish he would go, but I know he won’t.
9. Ramiele Malubay: I’m feeling so sad for Ramiele, but I do believe it’s time for her to go. She just is not growing like the others and actually is doing less memorable performances week to week. And this song was so random that no one will remember it.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


My most hearted item on Etsy made it into a treasury! It's my Embroidered Felt Necklace NO. 52. Everybody seems to like this one and it really is so stunning. A very different type of jewelry - fun and comfy to wear. I think I have to make more necklaces in that style. but my sister only gave a few new building blocks for me to work with to my cousin to bring back from Germany. And I already used up all the other ones she made. I guess I have to beg for more! Although I'm excited to see what I can do with the ones that she did give to me. There are some really cool new motives in this batch. BTW, it is going very good with my cousin and her baby being here. They are leaving tonight and I will write all about it tomorrow. Also got some great pictures!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My First Week :(

I can't believe it has almost been a week without any writing for me!!!!
But life is extremely hectic. First of all, I'm back at work! What a surprise.
This was my first week since Lilly was born. I did not write about it hoping that it would not come true if I wouldn't tell. It did anyway. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had been practicing with Lilly the week before to eat more of solid foods and stuff. She still is not drinking from the bottle - just hates it - so she doesn't get a lot of food during the day and also can't take a good nap without her mommy. Poor child :(
I only need to go 3 days a week. So in reality I'm there more days than I'm not. That is what I keep myself telling to make it through. And the other days she stays home with my husband since he works from home and just has to work around her schedule from now on.
And if that wasn't enough, now my cousin is here for the week with her 6 month old daughter. I am really happy to see them and Lilly loves playing with the baby. Now she is the old one. Hehe. But it's hard having to go to work and all the new changes and having guests at the same time. I already need a vacation.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Power Rankings

This week was odd. I already thought that it was going to be when they said that they would do Beatles week again right the week after. They could have at least done one week of something else in between for the contestants to get a breather and think it over. And then I disagreed with a lot of what Randy, Paula, and Simon said last night. You will see that in this week’s power rankings.

1. David Cook: Loved his performance the most yet again. His voice is just so good and he is looking better and better. I do agree though that he was a bit too sure of himself. So that might have turned some people off.
2. Michael Johns: I really liked this one! I actually heard it twice and it was even better the second time around. These are the kind of songs I like to hear from him. So he was back on top for me.
3. Ramiele Malubay: I was getting all excited when she said that she would sing a fast song… and then it wasn’t really that fast. Still, I did like it a lot – the way she moved, was dressed, and of course her voice. I’m just still hoping she will do a really fast, fun song!
4. Amanda Overmyer: It was a good song choice and great performance. I o agree wit the judges though in that it will get boring after a while. Let’s see of she will change it up next week.
5. Jason Castro: He really was goofy walking around on stage. It seemed like he did not quite know what to do. The song was good, but all in all it was neither here nor there.
6. Brooke White: I loved her Sun dress and didn’t think that she was that awkward. And I did like the darkness in her voice this week. But, of course, last weeks performance was a lot better.
7. Syesha Mercado: Yesterday is one of my favorite Beatles songs. Yet this performance did not move me as much as Syesha would have liked. I thought she put too many runs in it and did not connect enough with the audience.
8. Chikezie: Funny enough, this was his best performance yet for me! I wasn’t sure about the beginning, but I liked the fast part. I also think this would be a great country song.
9. Kristy Lee Cook: My husband liked her performance and especially this song choice. I don’t know what to think. I sure did not like her get up and hair.
10. Carly Smithson: I also did not get this song. It was not really a moving, slow song and definitely not a fast one. And I really did not like her top! So she lost points with me again this week.
11. David Archuleta: I guess I’m the only one, but I could not listen to this performance one more time. It is just too boring for me and I can’t watch when he looks that dreamy or something. So this was not good for me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's time...

for a little update on my baby girl. Wit hall the partying I have neglected to talk about all the GREAT things my little (way too soon to be big) baby girl can do by now. In reality, I’m probably about a month behind on most of these. But my now she can crawl around the house like crazy and actually likes to take off to all the corners she knows not to go. She can also pull herself up to a standing position on almost anything and loves to cruise along the sofa once she does. Even though she gets around by herself pretty easily by now, she loves to take my hands and walk with me. It won’t take too long until she can do it by herself. Already she tries to let go of me and than realizes that she just can’t balance herself out yet. She also started to sing along with us! And that is the cutest when she howls very low at first and then getting higher and higher. It looks (sounds) like she will get a good range in her voice! And she just babbles all day long. It has become apparent that she will be quite a loud kid and probable not the dainty little girl she might look like. We saw a friend today that has a little boy that is just 2 month younger and he is all quiet and nice. Lilly, on the other hand, is moving all the time and let it be known that she is in the house. My cousin in coming from Germany with her youngest daughter in 2 weeks for a visit. She is 3 month younger than Lilly and I can’t wait to see how big or small she is. I have never seen her and we are all excited. Than again, with the 6 hour time difference between Germany and the US, it will be hard getting that baby on a normal sleep schedule. Jetlag must be especially hard on babies. So let’s see if we get any sleep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the winner is....

Melissa from Pink Paper Peppermints!

Lilly finally got to draw a name from her red bowl! She was all excited when I wrote down all the names, folded them, and put them in that bowl. She couldn't believe that I actually gave her the bowl full of pieces of paper to play with and then she really did draw a name. And as I said, Melissa is the one to own the 2 hair clips I especially made for this giveaway. I hope you will like them! Thanks for all of you that have entered the drawing and left such kind comments. It was so much fun that I will surely hold another giveaway soon. I hope you all will join in again!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Power Ranking Final 12

Here we are with the final 12 performances of Season 7! It was a great show and I can't believe how strong this bunch is this season. It will be so hard letting someone go each week. Everyone is so unique and different. There are some great performances ahead of us.

1. David Cook: I’m still very excited about him. The beginning was a bit odd, but it got so much better and ended up being a great performance.
2. Brooke White: I’m loving her more and more each week. Maybe my Dad picked another winner! He said from the very beginning that Jordin Sparks would win and this time Brooke is his favorite. So keep on going!
3. Jason Castro: I loved this performance. I liked how it was so subtle and sweet. Like him more and more and can’t wait to see what is to come.
4. Carly Smithson: This one was great! Such a great song, great performance. I did like everything about this one. And you know that I am not a fan of hers, but I have to give it to her this time.
5. Michael Johns: I liked this performance better than last one, but he still is not on top of his game. I can’t wait to hear him sing a fast song again putting his spin on it.
6. Amanda Overmyer: This was the best performance of hers for me so far. I could actually hear that she does have a good range. And I really liked that she showed a lot of emotion, smiled and jumped around. Plus, she is looking better and better. I so liked her hair today. Way to go!
7. Syesha Mercado: I must say that I liked her performance – even her video. Just amazing how things are turned around for me this week. The people I really like did not perform well, while others I normally would not like actually did pretty good.
8. Chikezie: I know that he did a fantastic job with the arrangement and his voice was great. Nonetheless, I still do not like his performances and there is something about him that just does not work out for me.
9. Ramiele Malubay: Again a slow song…I don’t know about this. It is getting old and this one most definitely was borderline boring. It’s breaking my heart because I really like her, but she won’t stay in much longer on those type of songs.
10. David Archuleta: I was glad to see him do a faster song. Just too bad that he was not sure of himself and this song. Really sad that it did not work out for him this week. I just hope that he will still try to pick a fast song next week instead of going back to his familiar slow pieces.
11. Kristy Lee Cook: I don’t think it was a bad idea to sing this as a country song, but it was just too fast. So hard to concentrate on her singing. If she would have slowed it down, it might have worked. Let’s see if she can make it to next week. It will be tough.
12. David Hernandez: This was a pretty weak performance. His voice was so good and deep the last few weeks, but this was just too high and did not stand out. I don’t know if he will make it through this week.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm adding a GIVEAWAY to the Party!

I have had so much fun the last few days partying and seeing all the other cute blogs out there. And quite a few of these blogs have a giveaway for this week and I already one something at one of them!!! All of this got me so excited that I just couldn't wait to host a giveaway myself.

So here it is :)

I am giving away 2 of my felted hair clips. One is a tiny clip perfect for small strands of hair in a leave pattern. The other one is round with a string alligator clip. These are not only great for little girls hair, but are fun in Mommy's hair or on a sweater, purse,... You name it. All you have to do to enter is go to my Kaleidoscope Style Shop here I have more hair clips and other fun felted accessories to show. Browse a bit and come back here to leave a comment on what you think about my pieces. Any favorites, thing you like to see more of,... I'm curious to see what everybody thinks. I will have Lilly draw a winner on the 15th of March, so leave an email to contact you.
This is only the first giveaway of many to come. I'm already having lots of fun!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Something NEW for my Shop

With all the crafting and jewelry making I already do, I just had to pick up one more thing. That's how it is when you love to create and work with your hands - working in just one area of it is just not enough. Looking around on Etsy (just too addictive) I have become enthralled with all the different things that can be done with crochet. Finally, I had to ask my Mom how it works and off I went. This here is one of my first rings I made. I'm so happy with the result and Lilly loves the bright colors too. And I'm happy that i can sort of let her play with it because it is not a metal ring where I would have to worry that she would swallow a piece. So this ring is a nice way to keep her occupied when we are out and about and she gets bored. I'm working on a few more rings and also bangle bracelets that I will post as I finish them. This all is soooo much fun!!! As always, my imagination is getting ahead of myself. So I am sketching everything I can down to work on later. This is so exciting! So much to do and so little time!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party!!!!!

I had been waiting for weeks for this party hosted by 5 minutes for mom and now I almost forgot! Fancy that. But I'm happy to finally got on with the partying. The house is all decked and ready for the guests. So come on in and have a good time. Lilly and I sure will have one all week long.

For those of you that are new, a little bid about myself and this, my very own, blog.
I'm a stay at home mom with my cuteacious little baby girl Lilly. She just turned 8 months and is lot's of fun. I'm also a jewelry designer and my jewelry is available at Etsy. Just recently I also started doing some fun, felted, colorful accessories with my sister. Lot's of fun working together with her. And those pieces are great for all ages - Moms, teens, little girls. So soft and easy to wear. But I'm getting off track here.

This blog is dedicated to all the cuteacious babies out there and if you would like to see your child featured here, I would love to see her/ his picture or even space. I'm also interested in hearing fun stories of what your children blur out. Lilly doesn't talk yet, but I know that once she does, it will be lots of fun! I also like to introduce cool things for mommy and baby. So look around and see what you can find and drop me a note if you would like to contribute to any of my regular posts.

Most of all --- have FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol Power Rankings

I’m getting nervous waiting for the results this week. I think it will be a tough call wit everything a bit shuffled around. And there are so many really good singers this year – especially with the men. It will be a great top 12! But first, my power rakings for this week.

1. Brooke White: This again was a fantastic performance. I love how she made the song different and her own. I totally have to agree with Simon Cowell on this one. And I thought she was the best, by far, this week.
2. Ramiele Malubay: I really do love watching her sing these slow songs. But I am starting to wish to see her do a really fast, fun song. And I really didn’t like the skirt. So, even though she is still second place, she did loose some of her sparkle for me this week. Hope she is doing better next week!
3. Kristy Lee Cook: She is getting better and better and really taking in the criticism and using it to her advantage. I really liked the country twist on this song. She really sounded good and I think that she suddenly got herself in the top 12 after being in the bottom in the early days.
4. Carly Smithson: So yes, she was good, but I did not like the song. So just al right for me. And I know those pants are in right now, but they just do not make one look.
5. Amanda Overmyer: She looked much better this week and sounded great. Totally different than anyone else on the show, but also fun. Let’s see if she can make it to the next round. And I also hope that she will lighten up on stage and when talking to the judges. ; )
6. Asia'h Epperson: She was back today as normal self. Still, when I first saw it, I didn’t know what to think. After seeing everyone else and her clip again, I did like it better and I hope that she will make it though to the next round. And I got to say that her pants were even worse than Carly’s.
7. Kady Malloy: Her voice is very nice, but the performance was not and I don’t see her being able to improve that. So I think she might be gone this week based on that.
8. Syesha Mercado: I got correct what I said last week. I actually like her less than Carly. I know she has a good voice, but it’s just not my style and if it was up to me (I sure know it is not) she would be the first to go this week.

1. David Cook: I LOVED this song, the performance, his arrangement,…just everything. I even got a little crush on him the way he was singing it and I did not particularly like him before. I’m really impressed and thought that this was the best performance of the guys by a long shot.
2. Jason Castro: I really liked the song he picked and what he did with it. And you should have seen my mom go crazy over this one! So I’m sure this saved him to go on to the next round.
3. David Hernandez: Again, he chose a great song and did a really nice job with it.
4. Michael Johns: Again, not my favorite performance of his. I love that song and I did like his version, but it is just not as good as his very early times on stage. Let’s see what he will do next week.
5. David Archuleta: He is so good rearranging the songs he picks. It just seemed like this song always should have been sung the way he did. So he is a natural with that and his voice really is fantastic. I must, however, agree with Simon in that David should better pick a fast and fun song next week. He is starting to get gloomy and I would like to see him having a real good time on stage.
6. Danny Noriega: I’m so said to say that I did not really like him this week. My heart is breaking, but that w as just too much hip bobbing and not enough voice. I still hope he will make it, but the guys are so strong this season 7.
7. Chikezie: I did not like the song or the performance. This was too weak to go on to the next round, but let’s see what the voters thought.
8. Luke Menard: If he isn’t gone this week than I just don’t know what is going on. I thought that it very hard this week to say who will be out and who will be in, but I’m pretty sure about him not making it. The song was odd and his voice way too high and girly. I can’t imagine too many women really liking this.