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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cuteacious Spaces

This is Lilly's little crib in our bedroom right now. It has her favorite mobile hanging over and this colorful underwater quilt. She loves this quilt! My mother made it especially for this space. Lilly's crib stands against a window and now in the winter, the cold was really coming in. So we hung the quilt in front of it! It keeps the cold and the light out, while at the same time adding color and warmth to the area. It also keeps her from getting to the window. You never know, so the quilt adds another barrier. I have a degree in Interior Design and naturally enjoy beautiful spaces. Right now, I love to see nurseries. Not just because they can be so cute, but also because they can be really inspiring. We are still using Lilly's room as a guestroom/craftroom. So I am looking for ideas to makeover her room.

Call for Entries!!!!!!!
I am really interested in seeing other cute nurseries and children’s rooms. Maybe I can pick up a trick or two! So if you would like to have yours featured here, please email me a picture at or add them to the cuteacious flickr group at Can't wait to see!


1 comment:

renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

I love the mobile! The quilt is beautiful too! Tell your mom I'm impressed!

I have some interior design classes under my belt as well. It's great that you're calling for people to send in their pics. I'd love to see Twilli's nursery featured @ Cuteacious! (Great name, btw!)

I'll ask DH to shoot some nice photos soon!