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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cute Baby Toys

Lilly has this little musical frog that I got her when she was still in my tummy. I used to play it to her and she still loves it. Now I wanted to find more musical toys because she just can't get enough of all of that. But all I could find are those critter toys. That's no fun! So I finally looked online and found the company of our frog - Rich Frog. How fitting! And they have the cutest website with the cutest items. I could buy everything they have and there is so much to choose from. Situated in a 19th century textile mill in Burlington, Vermont, there is no worry about items being made in China. The fabrics are so soft and colorful, you will want to have it for yourself. The bunny squeaker is one of Lilly's favorites. It's easy for her to make it squeak and it can be manipulated to give out several different squeaks. I end up playing with it myself once in a while. She also loves to chew on its ears. See how used they are already. I think I have to get more...

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