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Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol Power Rankings

I’m getting nervous waiting for the results this week. I think it will be a tough call wit everything a bit shuffled around. And there are so many really good singers this year – especially with the men. It will be a great top 12! But first, my power rakings for this week.

1. Brooke White: This again was a fantastic performance. I love how she made the song different and her own. I totally have to agree with Simon Cowell on this one. And I thought she was the best, by far, this week.
2. Ramiele Malubay: I really do love watching her sing these slow songs. But I am starting to wish to see her do a really fast, fun song. And I really didn’t like the skirt. So, even though she is still second place, she did loose some of her sparkle for me this week. Hope she is doing better next week!
3. Kristy Lee Cook: She is getting better and better and really taking in the criticism and using it to her advantage. I really liked the country twist on this song. She really sounded good and I think that she suddenly got herself in the top 12 after being in the bottom in the early days.
4. Carly Smithson: So yes, she was good, but I did not like the song. So just al right for me. And I know those pants are in right now, but they just do not make one look.
5. Amanda Overmyer: She looked much better this week and sounded great. Totally different than anyone else on the show, but also fun. Let’s see if she can make it to the next round. And I also hope that she will lighten up on stage and when talking to the judges. ; )
6. Asia'h Epperson: She was back today as normal self. Still, when I first saw it, I didn’t know what to think. After seeing everyone else and her clip again, I did like it better and I hope that she will make it though to the next round. And I got to say that her pants were even worse than Carly’s.
7. Kady Malloy: Her voice is very nice, but the performance was not and I don’t see her being able to improve that. So I think she might be gone this week based on that.
8. Syesha Mercado: I got correct what I said last week. I actually like her less than Carly. I know she has a good voice, but it’s just not my style and if it was up to me (I sure know it is not) she would be the first to go this week.

1. David Cook: I LOVED this song, the performance, his arrangement,…just everything. I even got a little crush on him the way he was singing it and I did not particularly like him before. I’m really impressed and thought that this was the best performance of the guys by a long shot.
2. Jason Castro: I really liked the song he picked and what he did with it. And you should have seen my mom go crazy over this one! So I’m sure this saved him to go on to the next round.
3. David Hernandez: Again, he chose a great song and did a really nice job with it.
4. Michael Johns: Again, not my favorite performance of his. I love that song and I did like his version, but it is just not as good as his very early times on stage. Let’s see what he will do next week.
5. David Archuleta: He is so good rearranging the songs he picks. It just seemed like this song always should have been sung the way he did. So he is a natural with that and his voice really is fantastic. I must, however, agree with Simon in that David should better pick a fast and fun song next week. He is starting to get gloomy and I would like to see him having a real good time on stage.
6. Danny Noriega: I’m so said to say that I did not really like him this week. My heart is breaking, but that w as just too much hip bobbing and not enough voice. I still hope he will make it, but the guys are so strong this season 7.
7. Chikezie: I did not like the song or the performance. This was too weak to go on to the next round, but let’s see what the voters thought.
8. Luke Menard: If he isn’t gone this week than I just don’t know what is going on. I thought that it very hard this week to say who will be out and who will be in, but I’m pretty sure about him not making it. The song was odd and his voice way too high and girly. I can’t imagine too many women really liking this.


Whitney said...

Great insight to American Idol! I missed it, both nights, last night i just plumb forgot! Cute pic of you and the baby with a balloon!

Jay said...

I like David Archuleta the best .. I like this alot ..I dont think Chikezie going make very long .. he not very stong