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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Power Ranking Final 12

Here we are with the final 12 performances of Season 7! It was a great show and I can't believe how strong this bunch is this season. It will be so hard letting someone go each week. Everyone is so unique and different. There are some great performances ahead of us.

1. David Cook: I’m still very excited about him. The beginning was a bit odd, but it got so much better and ended up being a great performance.
2. Brooke White: I’m loving her more and more each week. Maybe my Dad picked another winner! He said from the very beginning that Jordin Sparks would win and this time Brooke is his favorite. So keep on going!
3. Jason Castro: I loved this performance. I liked how it was so subtle and sweet. Like him more and more and can’t wait to see what is to come.
4. Carly Smithson: This one was great! Such a great song, great performance. I did like everything about this one. And you know that I am not a fan of hers, but I have to give it to her this time.
5. Michael Johns: I liked this performance better than last one, but he still is not on top of his game. I can’t wait to hear him sing a fast song again putting his spin on it.
6. Amanda Overmyer: This was the best performance of hers for me so far. I could actually hear that she does have a good range. And I really liked that she showed a lot of emotion, smiled and jumped around. Plus, she is looking better and better. I so liked her hair today. Way to go!
7. Syesha Mercado: I must say that I liked her performance – even her video. Just amazing how things are turned around for me this week. The people I really like did not perform well, while others I normally would not like actually did pretty good.
8. Chikezie: I know that he did a fantastic job with the arrangement and his voice was great. Nonetheless, I still do not like his performances and there is something about him that just does not work out for me.
9. Ramiele Malubay: Again a slow song…I don’t know about this. It is getting old and this one most definitely was borderline boring. It’s breaking my heart because I really like her, but she won’t stay in much longer on those type of songs.
10. David Archuleta: I was glad to see him do a faster song. Just too bad that he was not sure of himself and this song. Really sad that it did not work out for him this week. I just hope that he will still try to pick a fast song next week instead of going back to his familiar slow pieces.
11. Kristy Lee Cook: I don’t think it was a bad idea to sing this as a country song, but it was just too fast. So hard to concentrate on her singing. If she would have slowed it down, it might have worked. Let’s see if she can make it to next week. It will be tough.
12. David Hernandez: This was a pretty weak performance. His voice was so good and deep the last few weeks, but this was just too high and did not stand out. I don’t know if he will make it through this week.

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Mandy Ray-Jones said...

Hi! Dropping by from the Ultimate Blog Party! I totally agree with you about Kristy Lee Cook. If she'd aranged the tempo in eigths instead of sixteenths, it could have worked out for her. Hope to see you at my blog soon!