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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Put your child on the cover

Of parent magazine that is! Parent is the one child rearing magazine I read and just love. Especially the baby bloopers at the end. And right now they are searching for a cover model. All children between 6 month hand 6 years can enter. I so want to enter Lilly just for kicks. But so far I wasn't able to pick a photo. There are so many cute ones. I actually submit several, so that's what I probably end up doing.
And if you don't want to enter your child, just go and look through the pictures that are already entered. There are soooo many cute babies. My favorite so far is this one here ...


Elizabeth said...

I love looking at all of the cute entrees for this contest every year. There are some truly adorable kids out there!

Jenny said...

I keep wanting to put my little girl (Age 4) into the Parenting magazine contest. I think this might be the year!