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Monday, April 7, 2008

My e-mail got hacked!

Doesn't that just sound unbelievable! I mean we all know that accounts get hacked into all the time, but actually happen to yourself - I think not.
So what did happened to me was that Friday morning I try to log into my hotmail account and it tells me that I have the wrong password. I try it again and again until I realize that something is wrong. This really is my password and if I didn't change it, who did. Then I try to retrieve it with my secret question. And after 9 years, who knows what that is again. But the questions shows up in Chinese letters and I know there is most definitely something wrong, because even though I have no idea what the questions is that I selected back then, I’m pretty sure it was not in Chinese! So all day my husband tried to contact msn, writing to the support and changing passwords on all the accounts we could think of. Then I had to answer all kinds of questions to the support to verify that I was the rightful owner of my email address. Finally, after 2 long and lonely days, I was able to get in my email. Then came the shock... everything that I had in there - 9 years worth - was totally wiped. All of it gone. snif. All of my contacts, and folders, and other email addresses, too. If I can't get this back, I will have to wait for someone else to write me before I can contact them again. Just unbelievable. One would think that it's just email, so who cares, but that actually has all my passwords and things in it. More importantly, it contains some of my most precious "letters". Or shall I say it did. I still can't believe it. Now I'm looking at my email and it's all empty and in Chinese. Just great!
And you know why they hacked into it? They were trying to list some computers on my eBay account so they could get the money and I the hassle. Luckily eBay somehow realized that it was a third party trying to list these items and stopped them. So at least I don't have to deal with that. I just really hope I can get my information back!
But since that could take some time, could please all of you who wrote me with these cute pictures of your darlings send them to me again?! I really wanted to show one off today but those emails are no more. I really would appreciate some mail. My inbox is so lonely now!

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