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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Visit from the other land

So I wanted to talk some more about my cousins visit from Germany...well that was a week ago. That tells you how much time is left for other things when you start going back to work. Even if it is only 3 days a week. So I hope all you Moms out there being able to stay home know how lucky you are. I'm starting to get a bid jealous and I actually *love* my job. It is fun being back designing houses for other people and looking at all the great things out there. But I love my little family even more so and so it is hard. No being at work, but having to do all the cleaning and paperwork and, and, and when I'm home instead of just being able to spend all quality time with my little Lilly. At least she is home with my husband and they are really bonding now. So I'm happy for him.

What did I want to talk about again...right, my cousins visit. Well, it's all a blur now anyway, so here just my favorite picture of that week. Lilly is totally out in her stroller. That never happened before!!! Can imagine how hard she was playing all week with my cousin’s baby. She, on the other hand, was finally up after sleeping in her stroller all the time. Why couldn't they be on the same sleep schedule ;)

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rerenee - 21st Century Parenting said...

awhhhh... what a cute photo! so your cousin's baby and lilly are close to the same age?

what is your job? are you an architect? interior designer? :-) i have some education in both areas. but i'm definitely enjoying staying home with the twilli for now.