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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lilly Updates...about 2 weeks late

Work is getting the best of me! I'm still trying to get in the groove of things and get back to posting, creating and just having mroe of a routine. But hey, this one is about Lilly. And she is just growing and growing. So cute! About 2 weeks ago she started claping her hands. And it really is just the cutest thing since her arms are so short and so she has to clap right over her chest. Everytime someone sings: "clap, clap, clap you hands" she starts doing it. LOVE her. She also is so stable now pulling herself up on all our furniture and cruising the sofa. She just loves to stand at our coffee table and 'read' through her books. She is so good turning the pages with her tiny fingers. I really can't wait to see her walk. Now that the weather is getting nice, she has to be able to run around in the yard. But for now we just sit on a blanket and she just loves it. Like os many things :)
The best of all things though, is that she is finally back in her crib for a week now. She still wakes up about 4 times during the night to feed, but at least we finally have space again in the bed. I really needed that now that I'm back at work.

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