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Monday, March 17, 2008

It's time...

for a little update on my baby girl. Wit hall the partying I have neglected to talk about all the GREAT things my little (way too soon to be big) baby girl can do by now. In reality, I’m probably about a month behind on most of these. But my now she can crawl around the house like crazy and actually likes to take off to all the corners she knows not to go. She can also pull herself up to a standing position on almost anything and loves to cruise along the sofa once she does. Even though she gets around by herself pretty easily by now, she loves to take my hands and walk with me. It won’t take too long until she can do it by herself. Already she tries to let go of me and than realizes that she just can’t balance herself out yet. She also started to sing along with us! And that is the cutest when she howls very low at first and then getting higher and higher. It looks (sounds) like she will get a good range in her voice! And she just babbles all day long. It has become apparent that she will be quite a loud kid and probable not the dainty little girl she might look like. We saw a friend today that has a little boy that is just 2 month younger and he is all quiet and nice. Lilly, on the other hand, is moving all the time and let it be known that she is in the house. My cousin in coming from Germany with her youngest daughter in 2 weeks for a visit. She is 3 month younger than Lilly and I can’t wait to see how big or small she is. I have never seen her and we are all excited. Than again, with the 6 hour time difference between Germany and the US, it will be hard getting that baby on a normal sleep schedule. Jetlag must be especially hard on babies. So let’s see if we get any sleep.

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

We were worried about jetlag with our daughter since she is on such a good schedule! Tell your friend good luck. ;)