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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Something NEW for my Shop

With all the crafting and jewelry making I already do, I just had to pick up one more thing. That's how it is when you love to create and work with your hands - working in just one area of it is just not enough. Looking around on Etsy (just too addictive) I have become enthralled with all the different things that can be done with crochet. Finally, I had to ask my Mom how it works and off I went. This here is one of my first rings I made. I'm so happy with the result and Lilly loves the bright colors too. And I'm happy that i can sort of let her play with it because it is not a metal ring where I would have to worry that she would swallow a piece. So this ring is a nice way to keep her occupied when we are out and about and she gets bored. I'm working on a few more rings and also bangle bracelets that I will post as I finish them. This all is soooo much fun!!! As always, my imagination is getting ahead of myself. So I am sketching everything I can down to work on later. This is so exciting! So much to do and so little time!!!!

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