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Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party!!!!!

I had been waiting for weeks for this party hosted by 5 minutes for mom and now I almost forgot! Fancy that. But I'm happy to finally got on with the partying. The house is all decked and ready for the guests. So come on in and have a good time. Lilly and I sure will have one all week long.

For those of you that are new, a little bid about myself and this, my very own, blog.
I'm a stay at home mom with my cuteacious little baby girl Lilly. She just turned 8 months and is lot's of fun. I'm also a jewelry designer and my jewelry is available at Etsy. Just recently I also started doing some fun, felted, colorful accessories with my sister. Lot's of fun working together with her. And those pieces are great for all ages - Moms, teens, little girls. So soft and easy to wear. But I'm getting off track here.

This blog is dedicated to all the cuteacious babies out there and if you would like to see your child featured here, I would love to see her/ his picture or even space. I'm also interested in hearing fun stories of what your children blur out. Lilly doesn't talk yet, but I know that once she does, it will be lots of fun! I also like to introduce cool things for mommy and baby. So look around and see what you can find and drop me a note if you would like to contribute to any of my regular posts.

Most of all --- have FUN!!!!!!!!!!



I looked at your Etsy store. Some real pretty items. I have been meaning to for a long time to try making something. I am going to have to add that to my to do list.

Happy Blogging Party. Don't have to "much" fun

Tara said...

I love the picture of Lilly! So cute. Happy blog party.

Nadine said...

Hi. It's nice to meet you. I've stopped in for the party. Your daughter is adorable. How creative to make jewelry.

Have fun at all the parties. Hope to see you over at my place.

Anonymous said...

too cute! i love all the baby stuff! and i love the name of your blog! i've got 4 little ones myself, so i'm an avid lover of anything cuteacious

Anonymous said...

I'm inviting you to party with me!

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Happy Partying!

MomOf3 said...

Your jewelry is very pretty! You have a talent. Have fun blog partying this week! :)

Michelle said...

What a great name for a store.

a frog in my soup said...

What a sweet baby Girl and an ADORABLE name (both baby and blog!)!!! I'm here for the party and love the balloons! I'll leave them here though if you don't mind since the boys will just argue over who gets one :)


Diana Evans said...

Happy Ultimate Blog Party!!!

Nice to meet you and please pop by to be entered to win a great free give away!!!


Eleisia said...

A very precious party photo of you and Lilly! She looks like a real party gal.

Visit my party!

danetteb said...

Hi. It's nice to meet you. Your jewelry is beautiful.

Talking about kids blurts,my youngest is 4 and last week she was sick,she comes downstairs and says"Mommy, I have a headache." I had to laugh,it was so cute.

Happy Blog Partying!

Hugs, Danette

Mommy said...

Lilly is definitely "cuteacious"! Nice to meet you both.

Stephy J said...

Party on and I love your cute clippies you are giving away!!

Jerri said...

hello. just stopping in from the party!

Naomi said...

Lilly is a cutie! My Jasper is just a bit younger.

Please stop by and enter my contests, too!