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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere!

These cute little Baby Monkeys are from The Monkey Shop. I love sock monkeys and I really love the idea of little baby sock monkeys. These just look so soft and cuddly! And the little tag of 'giggles' and 'hugs' are a great idea. So cute! They even let you personalize the little tag. So I could have a little Lilly Monkey. That would be cool!
Dulce, the creative woman behind this shop, told me that she is currently working on 70 monkeys as favors for a wedding! The bride and groom love sock monkeys and wanted to share that love with everyone at their wedding. When Dulce asked the bride why she chose her monkeys, she replied: "The faces on your monkeys were so cute! The faces are very important, because each monkey has their own personality that you will have to live with forever. And sometimes, to me, when people make monkeys they can turn out to look more like cows, but all of yours really look to me like monkeys. And I like the colors you use and your style. And each one looks a little different". If you want to read more about this wedding and see all the cute monkeys Dulce already made for it, go to

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renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

love your site! the name is perfect. the monkeys are TOO COOL! (my mom loves monkeys. i may have to get her one.)