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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Lilly's big cousin was in town this weekend for her own Birthday. She turned 3! So we went to the party yesterday and it was so much fun. My sister-in-law's 2 sisters with her babies were there as well. They both have boys and they are 5 and 6 months. Now Lilly is 7 month, but she looks sooooooo much bigger then the 2 of them. They still look like babies - she does not! So the doctor really wasn't kidding when he said that Lilly is the size of an average 10 months old. If that keeps up, she will be bossing them around when they are older ;) They even took a picture with all 3 of them laying in a row in the playpen. I wish I had that one to show here, but they haven't sent it yet. Maybe later. Can’t wait to see myself! Then the other thing was, that Lilly is all shy and got totally upset when someone wanted to hold or even hug her. She does not like it crowded and needs time to get to know someone. The 2 boys, on the other hand, didn't care who was holding them or how loud it was. And I don't think it's just because Lilly is in her clingy phase now. Both I and my husband are not the party starters, so why should she be! But she still had a great time. She also played well once she had more space and people just watched her instead of getting in her face. Can't wait for the next get-together!

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