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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cuteacious Faces: Lilly

As promised, a photo of my Lilly! It's actually a funny story. We went to take pictures at Babies'r'us with her cousin over the holidays. Now, I went into the store the other day with Lilly. There, the photographer came up to us to ask if we wanted to take more pictures for free. She remembered us from that last photo shoot! The two of them left quite an impression. So we got this photo for free and I just LOVE it! And Lilly had so much fun! She really is the cutest! (I'm biased, I know)


Tara said...

VERY cute!

elleabelle said...

I have got a Lily too...but with one "L". That is what my blog name came from!!

HotMama said...

your li'l girl is really adorable. you should really be pleased with this photo.