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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Through my daugthers eyes...

I got this great idea about taking pictures of my daughter’s toys from her perspective - close up and from the ground that is - from another blog. The pictures that took where so beautiful that I thought I give it a try. So here are my best ones. I think they would be great blown up and hung in her room. If you have older kids, you can even ask them what their favorite toys are and take photos of those. Then, if they outgrow them or they break, your children will have a keepsake of their beloved toy hanging on the wall. Plus, they add color to the room without having to invest in expensive artwork. Just love it.
Lilly was so funny when I took these pictures. She kept on looking at me like, why are you playing with my toys? I want them now! And she was wondering why I wasn't taking pictures of her! She is so used to looking in the camera that I actually had to take pictures of her in between to keep her happy.

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AprilDawn said...

Very neat! Gorgeous pics! What a great idea.