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Monday, January 28, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Lilly has been a happy baby today. She really is most of the time. So she, her grandpa and I went to the supermarket. She does love it there as long as you show her all the goodies they have. That place should feel like a second home to her by now. I forgot to bring my baby-wrap-carry thing and so grandpa had to carry her in his arms the entire time. she is getting so heavy! tomorrow morning we have to go to her 6 months check up. Can't wait to see how much she really weights and how tall she is. I actually enjoy hearing what percentile she is in. Let's see. Then again, I realized the other day that it won't be quite true this time because she is almost 7 month by now. So she definitely will be larger then the usual 6 months baby.

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