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Monday, February 11, 2008

Love to flickr?!

I just opened up a cuteacious group on flickr so everyone can upload all their cute pictures to this group. I will be checking this group to find the cutest faces, spaces and products to feature on this blog. So keep adding pictures to the group. All photos with children and their rooms are allowed. You can also add your cute products to this group if they are children and parents related. I will be looking in the group as well to find cool new products to feature.


Anonymous said...

I have tons of pictures.

Due to a brainless ex who thinks he's Gladiator meets Einstein but acts more like a spoiled 8 year old who got caught in the cookie jar and refuses to go to his room, I don't want to share them online.

He doesn't know when NOT to do things, maybe he'll grow up someday too? I hope not, he's someone elses problem now, lol.

Can't wait to see some cute pics though.

1 Million in 365 Days said...

That's a nice idea if you promote it right. It could offer some inspiration to future parents.