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Friday, February 22, 2008

Lilly's Milestones

Lilly really is blossoming this week. She is becoming more and more aware of everything around her. Tuesday, she started playing peek-a-boo! It is the cutest thing. How she throws her sweater up over her eyes with her little pudgy arms and waits for me to ask where she is. Then she pulls it down with a big smile on her face and I have to say peek-a-boo. She loves this game and could do it over and over. And of course I love it too! She also started dancing with me and always wants to walk by herself holding my hand. She even tries to stand by herself, but just can't quite balance out yet. And then today, she really took off crawling. Very coordinated with her arms and legs. Really, I'm not just saying that because I'm her Mom ; )
She is also listening more closely to everything that is said to her now. I'm from Germany, so I try to speak as much German to her as possible. I really hope she will be able to grow up speaking both languages. That is supposed to be so good for the brain. So now I'll make sure to tell her everything we do in each language at least once. But since my husband only speaks English, I should stick to the German as much as possible. I can't wait for her to talk back. At the moment, she says baba and dada when she is just happily babbling to herself. But when she is upset, she cries mamama. I never heard her say that when she was happy! It's so funny.

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