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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cuteacious Spaces: Helena's

Isn't this the best hangout ever! This picture comes from my cousin in Germany. She created this special space for her daughter Helena. First of all, I love the swing that Helena is in. I have never seen such a thing here and I wish I would have had one for Lilly. Now I have to wait until the summer and hope that she will be ready to use one at the playground. I love swings, so I hope she will too.
The most striking part about this space is the tree that my cousin drew on the wall. It looks as if you need to be a painter to do this, but it is actually really easy and fun. All you need is some really nice napkins with leaves, butterflies, and other animals and you can recreate this. She just painted the hill and tree trunk on the wall and then used the decoupage method to bring life to it. She cut out some really nice motifs from various napkins and attached them to the wall with decoupage glue. That glue is easily found in an arts and crafts store or you can order it through my link on the side from Amazon. There, I also recommended a book on decoupage and it's many uses. Kids love to do it, too!
Since the napkins are so thin, it will look as if you actually painted all these things on the wall. And if you look closely, you can see that she even put some hooks up to hang Helena's Teddy Bears on the wall. Just look at how excited Helena is about her tree!


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That's such a cool picture. But I still keep thinking if the little "bed" is safe up there..