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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

6 Month check up!

So we went to the doctor this morning for the 6 month check up. Lilly is almost 20 pounds and 28 inches. That's in the 93% and 96% respectively! I'm so proud of her being so tall, but the the nurse said to Lilly: "you are really not giving your Mommy enough baby time when you grow that fast." And so I got thinking 'That's right! She'll be big soon :('. According to the doctor, she is already the height of an average 10 month old. That's amazing. Even the nurse said that she looks as if she will walk out of here. Lilly even took the 3 shots pretty good. Stopped crying as soon as I lifted her up and was a happy baby all day long. Let's see how she will do tomorrow.

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